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We are dedicated to
serving individuals
with print disabilities.

Learn More About Virginia Voice and Our Mission

A Nonprofit Audio Reading and Information Service

Specifically for the Benefit of Those with Blindness, Vision Impairment or Physical Disabilities that Limit Reading

Listen on demand to programs from our Community Connections Series.

On “What’s Your Story?” Don Dale visits with Tim Hensley, Director of Library and Archives at the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

Link to What's Your Story, Tim Hensley-Virginia Holocaust Museum

On “Discovering Virginia,” Lou Dean visits the historic McLean house in Appomatox, Virginia, where General Lee surrended the Army of Virginia to General Grant.

Discovering Virginia: Lou Dean visits the McLean House

Virginia Voice provides a radio and internet reading service for those with conditions such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, Parkinson’s and the after-effects of strokes.

We broadcast by way of closed-circuit radios (provided, at no charge, to eligible applicants). You can also listen to our live stream or listen on demand, here on the Web.

These special daily broadcasts include:

  • Readings from newspapers – local, regional & national
  • Readings from numerous magazines
  • Readings from online publications
  • Readings from news & information websites
  • Readings of informational publications of various agencies & organizations with services for those with print disabilities
  • Interviews with community leaders and representatives of service-relevant agencies and organizations

Readings are accessible online in the form of mp3 files. Browse them alphabetically or by category.

What Our Listeners Say About Us

“Virginia Voice is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I look forward to it every day. I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me, and the Voice keeps me up on current things.”

“If I’d known all the things you all do, I’d have gone blind years ago!”

“Yesterday your volunteer delivered your special radio, and I am so very grateful. It has been over five years since I was able to read a newspaper or magazine.”

“Virginia Voice has saved my life by keeping me in touch with the world. Many thanks to all of your volunteers.”

“…losing one’s sight not only creates limitations and hardships in one’s life, it can affect one’s quality of life which could contribute to various levels of depression. Virginia Voice, with its positive programs and dedicated volunteers, can have a powerful effect on the human spirit, providing a renewed sense of hope to those who may feel disheartened.” Read all of this letter from a listener’s daughter. (PDF)

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