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A Nonprofit Organization Providing Audio Access

We offer audio reading programs to access current newspapers and magazines and live audio description to access local performing arts.  Our services are free of charge for individuals who are blind, have vision impairments or other disabilities. Call today to start connecting by listening. (804) 266-2477


Lana Krumwiede

Join us as host Robin Farmer sits down with Lana Krumwiede, an active local Richmond writer, founder of Richmond’s Children’s … Read More

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Joy Harris

Working for over a decade to gather insight to the miracles and obstacles of her Grandmother’s life, Joy Harris takes us on a be… Read More

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Do you want to get more involved in outdoor activities and sports, but are worried about precautions and feasible ways to be invol… Read More

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Gidion’s Blood

“For Gidion Keep, hunting vampires is easy. It’s high school that might kill him.” Local author Bill Blume’s first young … Read More

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Virginia Voice broadcasts every day (see our daily broadcast schedule) by way of closed-circuit radios provided, at no charge, to eligible applicants.  Browse for on demand programs in mp3 format,  alphabetically or by category.

What Our Listeners Say About Us — “Virginia Voice is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I look forward to it every day. I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me, and the Voice keeps me up on current things.”