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A Nonprofit Audio Reading and Information Service

Specifically for the Benefit of Individuals who are unable to independently read print material due to a vision impairment or other disability.


Corrin Elizabeth

Artist and writer Corrin Elizabeth created her first children’s book in middle school. She knew from an early age that children… Read More

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Sadeqa Johnson

Robin Farmer talks with Sadeqa Johnson about her novel “Second House from the Corner.” Sadeqa’s debut novel “Love in a Car… Read More

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Josephine Ensign

Robin Farmer talks with Richmond native Josephine Ensign, author of “Catching Homelessness: A Nurse’s Story of Falling Through… Read More

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Medarva’s Dr. Kim

Do you know the difference between low vision and legal blindness? Dr. Suzanne Kim, Director of the MEDARVA Low Vision Center, ta… Read More

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