Picture of a volunteer recording a program

Volunteer Readers

Most individuals who volunteer with our organization serve as readers for our radio reading and information service. Some volunteer readers read live on the air, but the majority of our volunteer readers create pre-recorded programs to be broadcast at a later time or date. Our programs span a wide range of topics, and are developed in order to meet the needs of our listeners.

Picture of a Virginia Voice radio

Radio Delivery

Some volunteers deliver or recover radios for our listeners. This volunteer position requires an outgoing personality, a clean driving record, and your own reliable transportation. Radio delivery volunteers go into the homes of our listeners, set up their radios, go over programming schedules and answer any questions the new listener may have.

Picture of a person taking a file folder out of a filing cabinet

Administrative Help

We have volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in providing administrative support. These volunteers help assemble annual solicitations, complete data entry, and work with our Office Manager to accomplish other administrative tasks.

Live Audio Describer telling attendees what is happening on the stage

Live Audio Describer

Using words that are succinct, vivid and imaginative, describers convey visual information that is either inaccessible or only partially accessible to a segment of the population. Using a wireless transmitter, trained describers help individuals  with vision impairments “see” the action on the stage, screen, or in the space as it unfolds in real-time.

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If you have any questions, please contact the program and volunteer director at : pgmdir@virginiavoice.org.