Thank you to all of our supporters!

Foundation, Corporation and Service Club Financial Supporters FY 2023

$100,000 and up

Commonwealth of Virginia Board for the Blind and Vision Impaired

$50,000 — $99,999

Commonwealth of Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired

$10,000 — $24,999

Altria Group, Inc.
Carpenter Foundation
The Regirer Foundation

$5,000 — $9,999

CultureWorks Richmond
Herndon Foundation
Markel Corporation

$1,000 — $4,999

Brandermill Rotary Club
Dominion Energy Virginia
Friends of Chesterfield County Public Library
GroundForce IT
The Robert Coleman Longan Jr., M.D. Fund of The Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Mechanicsville Lions Club # 29454
Metropolitan Washington Ear
Paulson Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Reinhart Foundation
Richmond Kiwanis Foundation
Richmond West Breakfast Lions Club Memorial Trust Fund
U-Turn Inc.
The Valley Voice
Virginia Sargeant Reynolds Foundation
WHRO Voice
WVTF Radio Reading Service

$500 — $999

Bon Air-Manchester-Midlothian Lions Club # 9216
Chase City Lions Club # 9186 in memory of David Keim
Network for Good
Powhatan Lions Club # 31793
Richmond West Breakfast Lions Club # 9218
TowneBank of Richmond

$100 — $499

Bright Funds Foundation
Chester Lions Club # 9188 in honor of Joyce Branch
Chesterfield Prevent Blindness Morning Lions Club # 63912 in memory of Lions Allan Randall Moore, Christine Rightmyer, Ed Wade and Robert Rightmyer
Hopewell Prince George Lions Club # 9201
Johnson & Johnson
Kenbridge-Victoria Lions Club # 9204
Kroger Company
Richmond Battlefield Park Lions Club # 41884
South Hill Lions Club # 9221
Virginia Retired Teachers Assoc., Inc.

$1 — $99

Amazon Smile Foundation
Birdies for Charity
Brinks Company
Buckingham County Lions Club # 9184
Chicago Clearing Corporation
NGM Insurance Company

In-Kind Donors

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Mr. Anthony Alcarez
Ms. Tara Smith
Ms. Lindsay Ryland

United Way Donors

To all United Way donors, thank you for your support. Due to changes in United Way gift reporting, it is possible that your name might not appear in recognition of your contribution. If your name has been omitted, please accept our apologies and gratitude for your support and call us at (804) 266-2477 so we can publicly recognize your contribution.

Individual Financial Supporters FY 2023

BROADCASTER CIRCLE ($10,000 and up)

The Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust

SPONSOR CIRCLE ($5,000 — $9,999)

Anonymous Donors
Roy and Vivian Ward in memory of Roy and Mabel Ward

PARTNER CIRCLE ($1,000 — $4,999)

Ames Family Giving Fund
Robert Ball and Marian Lumpkin
Ms. Lacyn Barton
Ms. Brenda Blackard
Mr. Stephen J. Bush
Mr. Fred W. Danz
Mrs. Virginia T. Forster
Mr. Stephen P. Hayes
Mr. David A. Howard
Alan Kirshner and Deborah Mihaloff Donor Advised Fund
Ms. Jen Kostyniuk
Mr. Douglas M. Messimer in memory of PDG Lion Carolyn Messimer
Mr. Michael E. Moore
The Morton Family Fund of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Parekh Family Fund
Christine Kane Plant Charitable Fund
Mr. John B. Purcell Jr.
Ms. Rachel Safren
Mr. Thomas E. Shumate
Dennis and Patricia Waldron
Sharyn and Tom Ward in memory of Leo Anthony Stouffs Jr.
Mr. James T. Warns Jr.
Mrs. Sondra S. Washburn in honor of Art Washburn
Fritz and Mary Will
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wilson
Mrs. Lauren Wilson

PATRON CIRCLE ($500 — $999)

Ms. Christine S. Baum
Ms. Leah Rishona Blachman
Mrs. Lisa-Margaret S. Bryan
Pamela and Richard Cole in memory of Gladys Rose Wilson
Ms. Patricia C. Cosler
Paula Desel and Henry Ayron
Mr. Paul H. Dodson IV in memory of my mother, Shirley Dodson
Ms. Tina Egge
Mr. Robert Gouldin
Mr. Harold E. Harris Jr.
Ray and Lavinia Hopkins
Mr. Donald Irvin
Mr. Willis O. Jones III in memory of Carolyn T. Jones
Larson Family Fund
Ms. Yvonne E. Mastromano
Martha and Paul Meade
Jack and Bev Miladin in memory of Virginia Dorow
Mrs. Josephine J. Miller
Ms. Diana L. Monroe
Mr. Jimmy Lee Morris Jr.
The Clint and Jean Ray Giving Fund
Ms. C. Lindsay Ryland
Rachel and George Sanborn
Mrs. Mary Moore Selph
Ms. Ronna G. Spacone in memory of Beatrice Spacone
Jayne and Robert Ukrop
Ms. Tracey Van Marcke
John and Nancy West
Ms. Alexandra T. Wiles
Tim and Sue Williams in honor of all staff and volunteers who have made this service an enrichment to our community
Mrs. Phyllis T. Wilson


Jonathan and Mary Arnold
Mrs. Molly C. Ashby
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Axselle in memory of William C. Garrett Sr.
Ms. Sally T. Bagley in honor of Marshall Morton
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bagwell
Mr. Andre Bailey in memory of Quvarda K. Bailey
Mrs. Mary G. Baker in memory of Louise C. Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Baronian Jr
Mr. & Mrs. David F. Bauer
Janet and Alan Bauman in memory of Ercell Cary Bowery
Scott and Nancy Belleman in memory of Jim Wark
Mrs. Florence J. Bey in memory of Mary L. Bolling-Brown
Mr. Lloyd W. Bostian Jr.
Ms. Nan Forbes Bradley
Ms. Marian Breeden
Mr. & Mrs. R. Allen Bristow in memory of David W. Crowder
Mrs. Keane H. Britton in memory of Tom Boe
Ms. Patricia W. Brooks in memory of Gladys Wilson and in honor of Pam and Rick Cole
Ms. Judy G. Bryant in memory of Hazel Tyson
Mr. Clarke A. Bustard III
Dr. John B. H. Caldwell
Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Carleton
Mrs. Ann B. Cave in memory of Boyd D. Cave Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Clark III
Mrs. Dolores G Clement in memory of Samuel A Clement
Ms. Nancy Davis in honor of Liza Bruce
Ms. Karen S. DiBenedetto in memory of Winale Di Benedetto
Thomas and Vonda Diestche
Susan and Mike Donavant
Ms. Sara J. Durrett
James B. and Carol L. Eppes
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Ervin in memory of Sue Richard (Momma Sue)
Roland and Lois Feller in honor of John and Barbara Carroll
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Giles
Frank and Gail Gilmore
Larry and Louise Girvin in honor of Dave Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Givens
Jill and Howard Goldfine Family Donor Advised Fund of the Richmond Jewish Foundation
Ms. Cecilia A. Gruessing in honor of Angie Iraheta Cruessing
Ms. K. Diane Guild in honor of the Virginia Voice volunteers
Mrs. Cheryl W. Hamm in memory of Charlie Wakefield and Ron Hamm
Ms. Carole Harman
Mrs. Betty G. Harrington
Ms. Barbara G. Harris
Mr. W. Lee Harris Jr.
Ms. Valerie C. Haskins-Moore
Ms. Cary Hevener in memory of Virginia Dorow
Mr. John R. Heyser CFP in memory of Ray McCullough
Mrs. Rachel M. Holmes
Col. Carlos Hopkins
Charles and Nancy Hudson
Mrs. Vivian F. Hupp in memory of Mr. Dale S. Hupp, Mr. & Mrs. Nickey Flammia and Mr. & Mrs. G. J. Hupp
Ms. June Jennings
Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Jones in memory of Wit Garrett
Ms. Lucy A. Joseph
J. Michael Kastner and Mindy Fast
Mr. & Mrs. Simon N. Kelly
Mary-Ellen and Daniel Kendall
David and Martha Kennedy in memory of Joseph P. Chandler
Mrs. Kathryn M. Kent in memory of Dorris and Irvine Marilla
Hope and Chris Kestle
Mrs. Cecelia I. Kirkman in honor of Irene Feltner
Bob and Ann Knox
Dr. & Mrs. Warren W Koontz Jr.
Debbie La Tora in memory of Edward L. Kain Jr.
Louis and Marianne Lawrence Jr. in memory of Mary Agnes McGillicuddy Lewis
Ms. Amanda W. Lee in honor of the Henrico County blind and visually impaired
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Legato
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Long
Mr. Robert T. Lowerre Esq.
Ms. Barbara H. Maiden in honor of Liza Bruce
Jeff and MaryAnn Markunas Family Trust
Rev. George S. Marrow Sr. in memory of Ruth Marrow
Ms. Kathleen B. Martin
Ms. Katha D. Massey
Mr. Paul E. Massie
Ms. Jacqueline McDonnough in honor of Mrs. Debra Hill
Dr. Daniel J. McGrath
Mr. John Meyer in memory of Virginia Dorow
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh S. Miles III
Jack and Sally Molenkamp
Mrs. Katharine G. Morgan in memory of Nicholas Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Myers
Theresa and Jim Neason in memory of Roy and Mabel Ward
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Otto
Ms. Paula I. Otto in memory of Irene Otto
Mr. Andy Poarch
Mrs. Mary I. Pond in memory of Ernest Ippolito
Mr. Travis Pope
Ms. Phyllis Rainwater
Darla and Randolph Reekes Jr. in honor of Willie D. Reekes
Mrs. Vicki M. Roberts
Mr. John Prescott Rowe
Mr. Mark E. Rubin
Mrs. Gail E. Rucker in memory of Evelyn W. Edwards
Rucker Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Saunders in memory of Jim Wark
Mrs. Patricia P. Schwartz in memory of my Dad
Kathryn and W. Harry Schwarzschild Fund
John and Susan Selman
Mrs. Cornelia C. Serota
Tim and Betty Rose Sexton
Ms. Letitia L. Shelton in memory of Lillian C. Mills
Ms. Pamela C. Smith in memory of Helen S. Smith
Ms. Patricia G. Snedker
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin I. Solomon in memory of Bella Solomon
Mr. Michael D. St. John in memory of W. “Jimmy” Alred
Mr. Barry J. Stemper
Ms. Kelly Sullivan
Ms. Katheryn E. Surface Burks
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Sutton
Dale and Elizabeth Svor in honor of Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Svor and Mr. & Mrs. O.R. Dowdy
Mr. William M. Swartz
Ms. Lisa Tait
Darrell and Carolyn Tetterton
Renate W. Thayer Revocable Trust
Cecelia and Dennis Thomas in memory of Jay C. Brown and David F. Thomas
Mrs. Susan J. Thompson in memory of Allen and Marjorie James
Mrs. Tori K. Tyndall
Joan F. & William L. Van Arnam Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Vaughan

Individual Financial Supporters FY 2023

BENEFACTOR CIRCLE ($100 — $499 Continued)

Ms. Lisa Vazquez in honor of Debra Hill
Mr. Paul Vecchione
Lewis and Betty Wall
Mr. Jonathan P. Wark in memory of Jim Wark
Roger and Jackie Weinberg
Mr. Kenneth J. Wene in honor of Barbara Tomorowitz
Mrs. Marian A. White in memory of Herbert L. White Jr. (Herb)
Mr & Mrs William J. White
Nanette and Richard Whitt
Ms. Sally Wilkinson in memory of Madge Wiltshire
Mr. David A. Winter
Patty Daylor and Dale Wittie
Teresa and Desmond Wray in honor of Pauline Welch

FRIEND CIRCLE ($50 — $99)

Mrs. Helen K. Acton
Mrs. Kathleen Alexander in memory of Ernest Joseph Ippolito Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm C. Alfriend
Ms. Kristen Baietti
Mrs. Nancy A. Bain in memory of Norman Harrison
Jean and David Bankos in memory of Evelyn Bankos
Mr. Woodrow D. Banks in honor of BVA
Mr. Thomas E. Bareford
Sandra and Sam Barkley in memory of Laura Grace Snow and in honor of Kimmie Drudge
Mrs. Edna Baskerville
Dr. Harry D. Bear
Mrs. Mary Louise Boone
Rev. and Mrs. John Boyd Jr. in memory of Deacon Edward Jones
Mr. N. Stephenson Boykin
Mrs. Caroline Y. Brandt
Ms. Jean W. Brydon
Brenda and Dennis Buck
Mr. Charles G. Butts Jr
Ms. Claudia Carawan in memory of Jim Wark
Fred and Martha Carleton
Mr. Michael S. Cates
Mr. Norvell A. Chambers
Dr. & Mrs. David A. Chandler
Sandy and Paula Cherry
Mr. & Mrs. G. David Childress
Ms. Lorraine R. Christ
Ms. Elizabeth F. Coffield in memory of Frederick G. Coffield
Mr. Ivan C. Cole
Mrs. Nancy Costello
Ms. Sharon E. Decker
Campbell Dickerson in memory of Rev. Richard H. Carter and Patricia M. Carter
Ms. Patricia W. Dodson in memory of John Wagner, my beloved father
Ms. Susan F. Duval in memory of Joe Fleming
Mr. Rick A. Earley
Ms. Mary E. Farrell
Mrs. Carter B. Felvey in memory of Norman Harrison and in honor of Anne Gordon Harrison
Mr. Benjamin W. Fenton Jr. in memory of Anne W. Fenton
Mr. Russell M. Finer in honor of Terry Schultz and all the Virginia Voice volunteers
Ms. Cheryl F. Floyd in memory of Pearline Taylor
Ms. Katherine L. Floyd in memory of Russell H. Leonard
Mrs. Frances A. Gilman
Mr. & Mrs. Barry R. Green
Ms. Susan Greenbaum in memory of Jim Wark
Phil and Peggy Gross in memory of Jim Wark
Ms. Faye M. Harbrant
Ms. Corrine Hardison
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Hartz
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Harward
Mrs. Debra M. Hill
Ryan and Elaine Hill
Mrs. Bonita J. Hinrichs
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace L. Hurte
Margaret and David Kimmel in memory of Lola Branham
Ms. Susan Knutson
Ms. Judith Kowler in honor of Kenneth Wene
Adam and Sandy LaSalle
Mr. Stephen Lecky in memory of Jim Wark
Kenneth and Barbara Lindsey in memory of Thelma Lindsey
Chris and Lynette Loftus
Andrea and Larry Mason in memory of Lillian D. Pollard
Dr. Carolyn H. Matthews
Mr. Jon Miller in memory of Virginia Dorow
Mrs. Bettie Bass Mitchell
Billy and Barbara Moore in memory of Carolyn Chesbro Ippolito
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. S. Morgan in honor of William M. Swartz
Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Norfleet
Mrs. DeAnn A. Norris in memory of Robert, Chris and Daniel Norris
Mrs. Lois R. Oglesby in memory of Mike Oglesby
Mr. Kendall P. Parker in memory of Elizabeth P. Parker
Mr. Joseph E. Paxson
Ronald and Darla Phillips
Mrs. Sandra K. Price in memory of Nancy Taylor
Matthew and Betsy Rader in memory of Wit Garrett
Eric and Susan Rauscher in memory of Jim Wark
Mr. William L. Reeves
Ms. Lisa A. Reinhard in memory of Charles Harrison
Mr. William D. Rice II
Ms. Linda R. Richard in memory of Virginia Dorow
Ms. Samon Roane in honor of Debra Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Robinson Sr.
Mr. David L. Ross in memory of Nick Morgan
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Sanfilippo
John and Jamie Sexton in honor of Tim Sexton
Mr. Robert C. Sieben
Mr. John A. Singleton
Ms. Carolyn A. Smith in memory of Estelle Smith
Paul and Sandra Sojka
Ms. Gwen H. Spahr in memory of Virginia Dorow
Millie and Erv Spevak
Lion Artrelle L. Spicely in honor of Lion Geraldine E. Spicely’s 95th birthday
Ms. Carolyn P. Spohrer
Ms. Cynthia M. Sullivan
Ms. Patricia Tomlinson
Ms. Barbara A. Tomorowitz
The Patricia Royall Trent Living Trust in memory of Joseph P. Trent
Ms. Debra A. Walker in honor of “Beakie,” Chris & Debi
Mr. Eddie M. Walker in memory of Lakiesa Michell Walker
Mr. William C. Washburn Jr.
Mr. Leslie L. Weaver in memory of Dr. Al Wailkus
Mr. Manrid Lee Winder
Mr. & Mrs. John H Woods
Mrs. Evelyn L. Zimmerman in honor of Bonnie Atwood

MEMBER CIRCLE ($1 — $49)

Ms. Betty G. Akins
Mr. P. Warren Anderson Jr.
Mr. Robert F. Anderson
Mrs. Rebecca S. Anthony
Mr. Alexander G. Baine
Mr. & Mrs. Kemper W. Baker Jr
Ms. Courtney Barnes in honor of Martha and Doug Degen
Mrs. Gini A. Blostein-Wolf
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin S. Blumenthal
Mr. Floyd C. Bradby in memory of Jerri L. Bradby
Ms. Jacqueline L. Branch in memory of Gloria J. Lewis
Ms. Edith R. Braxton
Mr. Johnnie R. Bryant
Ms. Pamela S. Caffrey in memory of Julia Salmon
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cestaro
Ms. Jane Osborne Clark
Mrs. Eloise H. Cobb in memory of Flora Hockaday
Mr. Carl P. Craig Jr. in honor of Kathleen B. Craig
Ms. Bernadine Potts Davis in memory of Mrs. Ruth Haines
Mr. John E. Drake
Ms. Melissa Fallen in memory of Ryan Vassar
Ms. Kathy A. Fife in memory of Weaver Fife
Mr. Martin N. Gary
Mr. Michael C. Gettings
Mr. & Mrs. Burns Gibson III in memory of Ann H. Scott
Ms. Renee B. Gould
Mrs. Linda K. Gruenhagen
Mr. Richard L. Hall
Mr. James A. Harmon in memory of Isabelle Harmon Meade
Ms. Dorothy M. Harris in memory of Walter “Ed” Jones
Mr. Glenn W. Harris in memory of Thelma Harris
Mr. Charles Harward Jr.
Mrs. Lucy M. Headley
Ms. Phoenecia M. Hill in honor of Debra Hill
Mr. Martin Joseph Hubbell
Mr. Emmett K. Jennings in honor of Teresa Wray
Mr. Thomas F. Joerg III
Mrs. Anne L. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Joseph Koudelka in honor of John Wiley
Mrs. Janice L. Kuhns in honor of Carson Diggs
Ms. Diana L. Lane
Dona and Harry Lawson in honor of Carol Jones McNamara
Mrs. Arlene K. Lee
Mrs. Jeannette M. Lemelin in memory of Donald. R. Lemelin
Mr. & Mrs. Walther G. Maser
Mr. Martin J. McLaughlin
Mr. Will Melton
Ms. Jacqueline Miladin in memory of Virginia Dorow
Ms. Martha B. Minton in memory of Boyd (Corky) Cave
Mr. William L. Motley Jr.
Mr. William J. Nash
Ms. Julia L. O’Berry
Ms. Lori Petro in memory of Ernest Joseph “Ernie” Ippolito Jr.
Mr. Gardner Gray Phillips Jr.
Ms. Judith O. Phillips in memory of Millie Harland
Ms. Judieth M. Richardson in memory of Harriet T. Fields
Mrs. Lisa F. Robinson
Mrs. Catherine Rosenbaum
Ms. Patricia W. Sadler
Mrs. Connie M. Samuel
Mr. Luke Sartori
Joe Ann and James Shannon
Mrs. Agnes S. Showalter
Mr. David K. Siewert in memory of Howard Siewert
Mr. Alexander Smith Jr.
Al and Katherine Smith
Mrs. Suzanne Smith in memory of Virginia Dorow
Mrs. Donna Stemper
Mrs. Virginia C. Stone
Mr. Gordon W. Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wallmeyer
Dr. Dorothy Lee Walshe
Ms. Emilie G. Webb in memory of Roy J. Ward
Mrs. Joan A. Wilson in memory of Mrs. Ruth Marrow
Paul and Holly Wilson
Marlene and Oliver Wright