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Foundation, Corporation and Club Financial Supporters

OVER $100,000

Virginia Board for the Blind and Vision Impaired

$50,000 — $99,999

Virginia Foundation for Public Media
Virginia Sargeant Reynolds Foundation

$25,000 — $49,999

Commonwealth of Virginia Dept for the Blind & Vision Impaired
MEDARVA Foundation

$10,000 — $24,999

The Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
The Walter W. Regirer and Maria Teresa Regirer Foundation

$5,000 — $9,999

Cultureworks in support of the Live Audio Describer Program
Richmond Kiwanis Foundation
Richmond Times-Dispatch
TowneBank Richmond Foundation
The Widgeon Foundation

$1,000 — $4,999

Alpha Omega Wealth Management
Angus Dentistry
Bandito’s Burrito Lounge
Charity Committee, The Rotary Club of Western Henrico
Charity Committee, The Rotary Club of Brandermill
The Greenway Pendleton Fund
Midlothian Friends of Chesterfield
County Public Library
Paulson Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Powhatan Lions Club # 31793
Richmond Host Lions Club Memorial
Trust Fund of the Community Foundation
for a greater Richmond
Richmond James River Lions Club # 9203
Richmond James River Lions Club
Memorial Trust Fund of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Science Museum of Virginia Foundation, Inc.
UPS Freight
Wells Fargo Foundation

$500 — $999

Bon Air United Methodist Men
Bon Air-Manchester-Midlothian Lions Club # 9216
Brandermill & Midlothian (Woodlake) Lions Club # 35724
The Delaney Bay Fund, Inc.
Hopewell Moose Lodge # 1472
The Robert Coleman Longan Jr., M.D. Fund of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Richmond West Breakfast Lions Club # 9218

$100 — $499

Blue Heron Construction, Inc.
Charles L. and Florine H. Harowitz Donor Advised Fund of the Richmond Jewish Foundation
Chase City Lions Club # 9186
Chester Lions Club # 9188
Colonial Heights Lions Club # 9191
Crewe-Burkeville Lions Club # 9192
Glen Allen Short Pump Lions Club # 43723
Goochland County Lions Club # 29261
Gretna Lions Club # 9198
Kathryn and W. Harry Schwarzschild Fund
Kenbridge-Victoria Lions Club # 9204
Kroger Company
Lawrenceville Lions Club # 9206
Metropolitan Washington Ear
Petersburg Lions Club # 9212
Richmond Battlefield Park Lions Club # 41884
South Hill Lions Club # 9221
Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church, Richmond
Virginia Retired Teachers Assoc., Inc.

$1 — $99

Wayland Baptist Church in memory of Walter E. Jones

In-Kind Donors

Liz Cleal
Cricket Media, Inc.
Fred Danz
glave kocen gallery, llc
Rhonda Parson
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Virginia Foundation for Public Media (WCVE-FM)
William Rice

United Way Donors

To all United Way donors, thank you for your support. Due to changes in United Way gift reporting, it is possible that your name might not appear in our Annual Report in recognition of your contribution. If your name has been omitted, please accept our apologies and gratitude
for your support.

Individual Financial Supporters

SPONSOR CIRCLE ($5,000 — $9,999)

Anonymous Donors
The Morton Family Fund of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Christine Kane Plant Charitable Fund
Barbara B. and James E. Ukrop Fund
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Wark in honor of Susan Greenbaum
Mark and Kimberlee Ames in honor of Stefan Ames

PARTNER CIRCLE ($1,000 — $4,999)

Robert Ball and Marian Lumpkin
Mr. Gregory Bishop
Ms. Brenda Blackard
Ms. Susan Conway
Mr. Fred Danz
Ms. Tina Egge
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Eichler
Mrs. Virginia Forster in honor of Katheryn E. Surface Burks
Mr. David Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Otto Konrad
Loupassi Foundation
Mr. Douglas Messimer in memory of PDG Lion Carolyn Messimer
Mr. Michael Moore
Mrs. Ida Pierce in recognition of a matching gift from Markel Corporation
Mr. John Purcell Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Timothy Sexton
Mr. Thomas Shumate
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Silvestri
Ms. Janet Thomas

PATRON CIRCLE ($500 — $999)

Ms. Leah Blachman
Mrs. Mary Boyd
Brockenbrough Family Fund of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Mrs. Lisa-Margaret Bryan
The O. Clinton Ray Charitable Fund
Ms. Amy Chenoweth
Mr. James Cluverius in honor of Jan Thomas
Ms. Crystal Crawley
Ms. Susan Early
Mr. Norman Edwards Jr.
Mr. Merritt Foster III in memory of Mary Nolde Foster
Mr. Robert Gouldin
Mrs. Hampton Hubbard
Mrs. Lila Irby
Mr. & Mrs. W. O. Jones III
Mr. Scott Kocen
Greg and Deborah Lockhart
Mary Ann and Jeff Markunas
Mr. Paul Massie
Ms. Barbara McCarthy
Mr. James Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rohrback Jr.
Edmund A. Saunders, Janie Q. Saunders and Jane Quinn Saunders Endowment of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Mr. & Mrs. McRae Selph
Ms. Ronna Spacone in memory of Beatrice Spacone
Darrell and Carolyn Tetterton
Dave and Irene Thompson
Robert and Jayne Ukrop
The William Arthur Washburrn III Charitable Fund


Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm C. Alfriend
Mr. Robert Antonelli
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Arnold
Mrs. Molly Ashby
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Axselle in memory of William C. Garrett
Ms. Sally Bagley in honor of Jim Wark
Mrs. Mary Baker in memory of Louise C. Gray
Mr. & Mrs. David Bauer
Janet and Alan Bauman in memory of Ercell Cary Bowery
Ms. Jean Bear in honor of Eleanor Wallace
Scott and Nancy Belleman
Mr. Lloyd Bostian Jr.
Ms. Nan Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. R. Allen Bristow in memory of David W. Crowder
Mrs. Keane Britton in memory of Thomas Boe
Ms. Patricia Brooks in honor of Pam and Rick Cole and in memory of Gladys and Lee Wilson
Richard and Linda Bunce in memory of Edwin F. Bunce
Mrs. Susan Burtch
Mr. Stephen Bush
Betty R. Byrd in memory of Walter E. Jones and in honor of Herbert and Zelma Jones
Dr. John Caldwell
Ms. Jane Carlson
Ms. Renny Cave in memory of Bruce Goldstein and in honor of Caroline Cave and Martha Minton
The Samuel and Dolores Clement Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
Mr. & Mrs. Mo Kan Choi
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Clark III
Ms. Liz Cleal
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Clement
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Clough
Ms. Maggie Cole
Ms. Constance Cook in memory of Lester and Edith Cook
Ms. Rhonda Coor in honor of Roy Ward
Ms. Patricia Cosler
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Crooks in memory of Doris Crooks
Ms. Nancy Davis in honor of Liza Bruce
Ms. Rosemerrie Decker
Ms. Connie Deyerle in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Deyerle
Susan and Michael Donavant
Mrs Jean Edwards in memory of Eugene E.Johnson
Mr. George Ellis in memory of Sharon Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Eppes III
Ms. Lisa Freeman in honor of Wally Stettinius
Alan and Wendy Gayle
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Giles in memory of Jane S. Giles
Larry and Louise Girvin
Ms. Kathleen Hackett
Mr. Harold Harris Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Haw Jr.
Rob and Abby Heare
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Hill
Mrs. Debra Hill
Ms. Mary Jane Hogue in honor of Jim Wark
Mrs. Rachel Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holmes
Mrs. Marla Hood in memory of Marion Sweeney and Ann Hood
Mr. Steven Hovjacky in memory of William S. Hubbard
Charles and Nancy Hudson
Mrs. Vivian Hupp in memory of Mr. Dale S. Hupp, Mr. & Mrs. Gable Jackson Hupp and Mr. & Mrs. Nickey Flammia
Mr. Miles Johnson in support of the Live Audio Describer Program
Mrs. Paula Johnson in honor of Evelyn Morris
Mr. & Mrs. W. Reed Johnson
Gregory Jones and Eric Graber in memory of the late Ken Semple
Miss Dorothy Julian
J. Michael Kastner and Mindy Fast
Janet and Bruce Kay in honor of Jan Alpert and Janet Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Simon N. Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kendall in memory of Kevin Alexander
Mrs. Kathryn Kent in memory of Dorris and Irvine Marilla
Dr. & Mrs. Warren Koontz Jr.
Mrs. Anne Kress in memory of Catherine Davis
Ms. Karen La Forge in honor of Jim Wark
Lou and Marianne Lawrence Jr. in memory of Mary Agnes McGillicuddy Lewis
Mr. John Liesfeld III in memory of John J. Liesfeld, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Maiden in honor of Liza Bruce
Rev. George Marrow Sr. in memory of Ruth Marrow
Ms. Katha Massey
Mr. Anson Matthews
Dr. Daniel McGrath
Mr. & Mrs. Steven McNamee
Mrs. Janice Miller in memory of Alma F. Rose
Mr. Jack Molenkamp
Bob and Sue Moore in honor of Robin Hoerber
Max Morris and Lori Schippers in memory of Cecil Morris
Mr. Johnson Moss Jr.
Mr. John Murdock
Mr. & Mrs. John Myers
The Ward children in memory of Roy and Mabel Ward
Mrs. DeAnn Norris in memory of Robert, Chris and Daniel
Mrs. Lula Oatts
Ms. Paula Otto
John and Rebecca Paragian
Ms. Michele Peters in memory of Martin and Dorothy Harowitz
Mr. Robert Pratt
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Price
Mary and Thomas Randolph in memory of Lillian Oliver
Budda and Harini Reddy
Darla and Randolph Reekes Jr in honor of Willie David Reekes
Ms. Lisa Reinhard in memory of Chuck Harrison
Mr. Randall Rhodes in honor of the Virginia Voice volunteers
Mrs. Vicki Roberts
Mr. Donald Romhilt
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rucker
Ms. C. Lindsay Ryland
Mrs. Connie Samuel
Dr. & Mrs. George Sanborn
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Saunders in honor of Scott Saunders
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Scherer in honor of Marshall Morton
Mrs. Cornelia Serota
Ms. Patricia Snedker
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Solomon
Mrs. Constance Sorrell in memory of Ruth Hawkins
Mr. Michael St. John in memory of Windle R. ‘Jimmie’ Alred
Dale and Elizabeth Svor in memory of Mr.and Mrs. J.l Svor and Mr. and Mrs. O.R. Dowdy
Mrs. Renate Thayer
Cecelia and Dennis Thomas
Mrs. Susan Thompson in memory of Allen P. James and Marjorie James
Dr. Alice Todd
Ms. Karen Traylor
Mrs. Tori Tyndall
Mr. William Van Arnam III
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Vaughan
Mr. Dennis Waldron
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Ward Jr. in memory of Roy and Mabel Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ward in memory of Roy and Mabel Ward
Mr. Jonathan Wark in memory of Violet and Perry Wark
Mr. James Warns Jr.
Mrs. Sondra Washburn in memory of W. Arthur Washburn
Roger and Jackie Weinberg
Mr. & Mrs. John W. West III
Mrs. Marian White
Ms. Alexandra Wiles
Ms. Sally Wilkinson in honor of Madge Wiltshire’s 100th birthday
Ms. Vera Wilkinson
Tim and Sue Williams
Mrs. Phyllis Wilson
Mr. David Winter
Mr. Burris Workman in honor of J. Timothy Sexton

Individual Financial Supporters Continued

FRIEND CIRCLE ($50 — $99)

Mrs. Helen Acton
Laura and Charles Ballard
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Barkley in memory of Laura Grace Snow and in honor of Kimmie Drudge
Mr. Frank Bedell in memory of Mary Francis Cartmel Bedell
Mrs. Duane Blackwell
Ms. Kimdolyn Boone
Mrs. Mary Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bostian in honor of Lloyd W. Bostian Jr.
Mrs. Caroline Brandt
Mr. & Mrs Gary Brill in memory of Alverda Brill
Wendy and Tim Brill in memory of Alverda Brill
Mrs. Gail Bruch
Jane and George Cain
Mrs. Gail Carr in memory of Mrs. H P Murphey
Mrs. Betty Castracane
Dr. & Mrs. David A. Chandler
Mr. Francis Cherry Jr.
Alexander and Belle Childress
Mr. & Mrs. G. David Childress
Ms. Lorraine Christ
Mr. C. Royce Claytor in memory of Lenora Whitten Shaffer
Ms. Fern Cohen in honor of my family and the marriage of Rachel Rachlin and Asher Freeman
Ms. Kelli Crooks in memory of Doris Crooks
Ms. Sally Curran in memory of Jane E. Atkinson
Ms. Sharon Decker
Mr. John Dejong in memory of the late Ken Semple
Steve and Donna Delaney
Mr. & Mrs. Roland Feller in honor of John and Barbara Carroll
Mrs. Carter Felvey in memory of Norman Harrison
Ms. Katherine Floyd in memory of Russell H. Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. James Givens
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Green in memory of Carolyn Robinson
Phil and Peggy Gross
Ms. K. Diane Guild
Mrs. Cheryl Hamm in memory of Charlie Wakefield
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Harlow Jr.
Ms. Barbara Harris
Mrs. Elaine Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Ellis J. Hill in memory of Walter E. Jones
Mrs. Bonita Hinrichs
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hooker
Sandy and Bruce Howells
Ms. Jane Hunter in memory of Mr. J. J. Cockriel
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace L. Hurte
Mrs. Anne Jones in honor of Patsy Jones-Hubert
Mr. David Kennedy in memory of Joseph Shankle
Mrs. Evelyn Kirby-Ellisor
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kline
Rev. and Mrs. John Boyd Jr. in memory of Deacon Edward Jones
Kenneth and Barbara Lindsey in memory of Thelma Lindsey
Mrs. Anne Link
Chris and Lynette Loftus
Mr. & Mrs. John Martin in memory of Roland B. Brandis III
Mr. & Mrs. Walther G. Maser
Mrs. Lois Milburn-Mauney
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Morgan
Ms. Jean Nelson
Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholson in memory of Edward Charles Nicholson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Norfleet
Ms. Randy S. Oglesby in memory of Mike Oglesby
Mr. Robert Passmore in memory of the late Ken Semple
Ms. Erinn Perry
Ms. Mary Pettit in memory of Louise Becker
Mrs. Sandra Price
Ron and Jan Ragland
Ms. Ruth Rankin
Ms. Ann Robinson in memory of Carolyn Robinson
Ms. Deane Shady in honor of Charlotte D. Harper
Ms. Arline Shafer
Mr. Robert Sieben
Mr. Alexander Smith Jr.
Mr. Stephen Smith
Mrs. Thelma Snead in memory of Mrs. Essie Pugh
Mr. Paul Sojka
Millie and Erv Spevak
Ms. Artrelle Spicely
Ms. Carolyn Spohrer
Mr. Bobby Stanley Sr.
Ms. Callie Stuart
Ms. Patricia Tomlinson
Ms. Barbara Tomorowitz in memory of Bromby Earle
The Patricia Royall Trent Living Trust in memory of Joseph P. Trent
Mr. Don Virgin
Mrs. Caye Walker-Jones in memory of Annie and Oliver Walker Jr.
Mr. William Washburn Jr.
Ms. Carly Watson in memory of the late Ken Semple
Mr. Kenneth Wene in honor of Barbara Tomorowitz
Ms. Vanessa Whaley in memory of Walter E. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Will IV
Mrs. Therese Wilson
Mr. Manrid Winder
Mr. & Mrs. John Woods
Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Woodward
Mrs. Catherine Wright
Mr. Harold Wright
Mrs. Nancy Young

MEMBER CIRCLE ($1 — $49)

Mrs. Carolyn Adkins in memory of Chase Adkins
Mrs. Beverly Alred in memory of Jimmie Alred
Mr. P. Warren Anderson Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Anthony
Mr. Howard Armuth
Mrs. Nancy Bain in honor of Scott Saunders
Mr. & Mrs. Kemper Baker Jr.
Mr. Thomas Bareford
Mrs. Pamela Bartle in memory of Eric Bartle
Mrs. Bettie Bass-Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bates in honor of Dorothy O’Connell
Mr. Anthony Blair in memory of the late Ken Semple
Mrs. Estelle Blostein
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Blumenthal
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Boehling
Mr. Floyd Bradby in memory of Jerri L. Bradby
Ms. Jean Brydon
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Buck
Dr. Walter Bundy III, M.D.
Mr. William Costello
Mr. Carl Craig Jr. in honor of Kathleen B. Craig
Mrs. Christy Crumpler
Mrs. Beverley Dale in honor of Virginia Stone and in memory of Myrle Caldwell
Mr. Frank Daylor
Mr. Donald Dixon in memory of Lucy Dixon
Mrs. Helen Dixon
Ms. Barbara Doran
Mr. John Drake
Mr. Steve Dudley
Ms. Marya Dull
Mrs. Virginia Ellett
Mr. Hunter Ellis in honor of his grandmother
Mrs. Joan Ellis
Mrs. Louise England
Mr. Richard Feeback in memory of Russell H. Leonard
Ms. Lucie Fitzgerald in memory of Walter E. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Tazewell Fitzgerald in memory of Walter E. Jones
Mr. Sam Fuewell
Mrs. Renee Gould
Mr. & Mrs. James Gruenhagen
Ms. Megan Hall
Mrs. Martha Hancock in memory of Thatcher S. Wood
Ms. Faye Harbrant
Ms. Corrine Hardison
Page Hardy and Donna Mansfield
Mrs. Betty Harlan
Mr. & Mrs. James Harmon in memory of Isabelle H. Meade
Mr. Don Harris in honor of Iris Burse
Mr. Glenn Harris in memory of Thelma Harris
Mr. W. Lee Harris Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Hartz
Ms. Susan Hawkes in memory of Sister Naomi Smith
Ms. Mary Hetzel in memory of George Burnett
Mrs. Elizabeth Ingram
Mrs. Kay Jefferies in memory of Frayser F. White II
Mr. Arthur Jensen in honor of John N. Crowder
Mr. Stephen Kadar Jr. in honor of Rebecca Emmett
Mr. & Mrs. Basil Keys Jr. in memory of Charles D. Coffey
Ms. Kathleen Knapp in memory of the late Ken Semple
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Koudelka in honor of John Wiley
Ms. Diana Lane
Mrs. Amalia Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lawson in honor of Carol Jones McNamara
Mrs. Arlene Lee
Ms. Patsy Leighton
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ligon in memory of Lucille and Stuart Keedwell
Mr. William Lloyd Sr.
Mr. Marshall Marcus Jr.
Ms. Kathleen Martin
Dr. Carolyn Matthews
Ms. Trilby Mays
Mr. & Mrs. Jack McClard
Ms. Marylee McGregor
Mr. James Micklem Sr. in memory of Jean Wilson Micklem
Mr. & Mrs. J. Howard Middleton
Mrs. Dorothy Miller
Ms. Martha Minton in honor of Renny Cave
Mr. J. Malcolm Morris
Mr. William Motley Jr.
Ms. Dorothea Noll
Ms. Julia O’Berry
Mrs. Elaine Ogburn
Mr. Kendall Parker in memory of Elizabeth P. Parker
Mrs. Patricia Patterson
Mr. Gardner Phillips Jr.
Mrs. BeBe Pope
Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Powell in honor of the Father – Son – Holy Spirit
Betsy and Matt Rader in memory of Wit Garrett
Mr Arthur Roane in memory of Walter E. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Robinson
Mrs. Judith Rogers in memory of Ruth Rogers
Wendy Andriot and Larry Rohr
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rosenthal in honor of Steven Hladis and Marcia Kaufman
Ms. Patricia Sadler in honor of Robin Hoerber
Mrs. Ann Scott
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Shannon Jr.
Mr. Ronald Shurie
Mr. David Siewert in memory of Howard Siewert
Elizabeth and Wade Smith
Mrs. Marcia Swenck
Mr. & Mrs. James Tennette
Ms. Debra Walker
Mr. James Walker
Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wallmeyer
Dr. Dorothy Walshe
Ms. Emilie Webb in memory of Roy Ward
Mrs. Nereida Webster in honor of Virginia Voice
Ms. JoAnne Wharff
Mr. Charles Winnagle
Ms. Ruth Wittig in memory of Mary L. Wittig
Mrs. Joyce Wood
Mrs. Evelyn Zimmerman in honor of Bonnie Atwood