Virginia Voice Staff

Mattie FitzGerald
Mattie FitzGeraldDevelopment and Communications Director
Mattie FitzGerald joined the Virginia Voice team in April 2021 as the Director of Development and Communications. A Mechanicsville native, Mattie earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Services at Old Dominion University where she realized her true passion for serving others and decided to pursue a career in non-profit. She worked with United Way for over two years as a Sr. Account Manager helping corporate partners expand their corporate social responsibility efforts and steering a leadership society of young philanthropists. When she is not working you will find her exploring local restaurants and spending time with her friends. Mattie is very excited to bring her passion back to the Richmond area.
Kenneth Wene
Kenneth WeneOffice Manager
Kenneth Wene joined Virginia Voice in August 2013 as Administrative Assistant, and was promoted to Office Manager in July 2017. Kenneth spent almost ten years as a retail systems consultant for IBM and CapGemini. Prior to that, he worked for many decades in the retail industry designing and managing merchandise distribution system. Ken was also a volunteer reader, starting in 2006, reading for Science Today and doing the live read of the Saturday Richmond Times-Dispatch, “retiring” as a reader at the end of 2018.
Alex Childress
Alex ChildressStudio Manager
Alex Childress joined Virginia Voice as the Studio Manager in January 2008. Alex has a BS in Technical Theatre from Radford University. Outside of the studios he can occasionally be spotted at one of the local breweries or playing disc golf. Otherwise he enjoys meeting friends for board games or curling up with a good book next to his wife and their two tiny dogs.
Teresa Wray
Teresa WrayDirector of Programs and Volunteers
A Virginia Voice volunteer since 2017, Teresa joined the staff in 2021 to support our slate of programs and volunteers in providing consistently interesting, relevant, and engaging listener experiences. In doing so, she draws on 25 years in marketing and communication, client services, nonprofit leadership, volunteer management, and law—for firms and organizations ranging from Averitt Express and United Way to Impact 100 RVA and Heartland Horse Heroes. Alongside her MBA and JD from Southern Methodist University, Teresa holds a BA in technical writing. She serves on the board of Friends of Chesterfield County Public Library and volunteers as a transcriber of historical documents for the Library of Virginia.
Nicolas Macotto
Nicolas MacottoBoard Operator
Nicolas Macotto joined Virginia Voice in October 2021 as a Board Operator. He is a recent graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. His passions lie within all aspects of mass communication and media production, such as writing, film, music, journalism, editing and photography. Virginia Voice may be his first job out of college but the goal has resonated with him as it provides beneficial and necessary services for communities.
Default General Message Type
Default Error Message Type
Default Success Message Type
Default Notice Message Type

Customization Settings

The shortcode options allow you to set background colors, accent colors (text/icon), border size and color, and display a bottom shadow.

Fully Customizable Settings!
Customize The Background Color
Customize The Accent Colors
Control The Border Size
Control The Border Color
Subtle Box Shadow Setting
Fully Customizable Settings!
Customize The Background Color
Customize The Accent Colors
Control The Border Size
Control The Border Color
Subtle Box Shadow Setting

Animation Settings

Alert boxes can have CSS3 animations. This allow the box to animate when it comes into the viewport to helps catch the viewers eye.

Bounce Animation Setting
Slide Animation Setting
Flash Animation Setting
Shake Animation Setting

Complete Set of Options 

Every option and description included with the alert shortcode is listed below.

  • type – Can be one of these values: general, error, success, notice, or custom. Sets the type of alert message.
  • accent_colorCustom setting only. Accepts a hexcode ( #000000 ). Sets the border, text and icon color.
  • background_colorCustom setting only. Accept a hexcode ( #000000 ). Sets the background color.
  • border_sizeCustom setting only. Accepts a pixel value. For example, 1px. Sets border width.
  • icon – A font awesome icon value. For example, fa-glass.
  • box_shadow – Can be one of these values: yes, or no. This will show or hide a box shadow below the alert box.
  • animation_type – Can be one of these values: none, bounce, fade, flash, shake, or slide. Sets the animation to use on the shortcode.
  • animation_direction – Can be one of these values: down, right, left, or up. Sets the incoming direction for the animation.
  • animation_speed – Accepts a numerical value from .1, which is the slowest, to 1, which is the fastest.
  • class – Add a custom class to the wrapping HTML element for further css customization.
  • id – Add a custom id to the wrapping HTML element for further css customization.

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