Daily live readings of the Richmond Times-Dispatch run for approximately two hours, with periodic breaks during the broadcast. During the first twenty-five minutes we read the top stories from the front section. In the next twenty-five minutes we read stories from the Nation and World section, followed by a short break. In the next half-hour we read editorials, opinion pieces and letters to the editor from the Opinions pages, leading up to the second break. After the second break, we read the obituaries, letters to the editor and additional stories as time allows. Each day’s Richmond Times-Dispatch reading is available for one week, until that day’s new reading is posted.


Weekday live readings begin shortly after 8:oo am and are available after Noon of that day.


Saturday’s live reading begins shortly after 9:00 am and is available after Noon of that day.


Sunday’s live reading begins shortly after 2:00 pm and is available after 6:00 pm of that day.

Please click day of week below to listen to readings from that day