Programs Alphabetically

A comprehensive, alphabetical list of our programmatic offerings.

Advice / Horoscopes / Local TV Listings from The Richmond-Times Dispatch – A 15-minute program bringing you the Advice Columns (Dr. Keith Roach and Dear Abby), Horoscopes, and local TV listings from the day’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

African American Voices – African American Voices brings issues important to African American women to the forefront. Tune into this half-hour program to hear material from Sheen, Essence, Savoy and various local publications.

Afternoon Book Hour – The Afternoon Book Hour is your chance to sit back, relax, and let your imagination wander. The Afternoon Book Hour features a variety of books appropriate for all ages, from non-fiction to fiction and everything in-between.
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All About Virginia – Learn “all about Virginia” on this half-hour broadcast! Materials are read from regional publications such as Virginia Living, Virginia Business, and Trend & Tradition.

Arthritis Updates – Your source for articles on living with and treating arthritis.
Coming Soon!

Bon Appetit – Readings from this month’s Bon Appetit. Includes feature articles, recipes, and more!
Coming Soon!

Bulletin Board – Bulletin Board has a little bit of everything. Tune in to hear news and announcements from The Virginia Voice and our partners!

Catholicism – Readings from various Catholic-focused publications.
Coming Soon!

The Chesterfield Observer – 30 minutes of articles from this week’s Chesterfield Observer.

Christian History – Articles from current and past editions of Christian History Magazine, as well as other historical publications.
Coming Soon!

Christianity Today –A full hour of articles from the most recent Christianity Today, as well as articles from special publications as available.
Coming Soon!

Chronic Illness – This half-hour program provides information to help those with disabilities and chronic illnesses lead lives of dignity, safety and self-assurance and to become advocates for their own well-being.

Culture Section of the Richmond-Times Dispatch – Half an hour of readings from the weekly culture section of The Richmond Times-Dispatch.
Coming Soon!

Diabetes Report – Your source for information on living with, managing, and treating diabetes. Includes readings from Diabetic Forecast, Cooking Light, and Diabetes Self-Management.
Coming Soon!

Daily Sports – The weekday sports section from The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Eating Well – Readings from the most recent edition of Eating Well Magazine, including featured articles, recipes, and more.
Coming Soon!

The Economist – Readings from the most recent publication of The Economist.

Coming Soon!

Entertainment – Your source for everything music, movies, and television. This half-hour program includes readings from Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Best Seller List, and People Magazine.
Coming Soon!

Eye on Sports – Articles on national and global sports and athletes are featured.

Fifty Plus – Your resource for important information for those fifty years old and older. Topics range from Veteran’s affairs to health and wellness, from celebrities to travel. Articles from Boomer, Reminisce, and AARP Magazine are featured.

Food Section of the Richmond-Times Dispatch – Half an hour of the weekly food section of The Richmond-Times Dispatch.

Forbes & Fortune – 1 hour of readings from the latest editions of Forbes & Fortune Magazines.
Coming Soon!

The Goochland Gazette – 30 minutes of articles from this week’s Goochland Gazette.

Gossip – 30 minutes of celebrity gossip.

The Great Outdoors – Your source for information about the natural world. From climate change to Virginia wildlife, The Great Outdoors covers a variety of topics relating to nature.

Green Thumb – Your source for central-Virginia based gardening tips and tricks. Learn about house plants, vegetable gardens, and beautiful ornamentals on this half-hour program. Materials are sourced from Fine Gardening, Garden Gate, The Rodale Institute, and more.

Guideposts – The newest reading from the current edition of Guideposts.

GQ – Readings from the latest edition of GQ: Gentleman’s Quarterly.
Coming Soon!

Health Section of the Richmond Times-Dispatch – Half an hour of the weekly Health section from The Richmond Times-Dispatch.
Coming Soon!

Healthy Aging – Articles about healthy aging are featured.
Coming Soon!

Jewish Life -A half-hour of articles about both the historical and modern Jewish Experience.
Coming Soon!

Laugh Out Loud – Something to tickle your funny bone! Jokes, satire, and humous articles are featured.

Late-Night Book Hour – You can hear biographies, romance novels, and adult-focused fiction books on our late-night book hour!
Coming Soon!

Life & Style – A program featuring articles from popular women’s magazines regarding current issues, trends, as well as beauty and fashion advice for women of all ages.

Living Blind – Whether you or someone you know was born blind or became blind later in life, this half-hour program will highlight the latest research, updates, and information for those living without low or no vision.
Coming Soon!

Looking Back – A history-focused program, with articles from a variety of regional and national publications. Perfect for history buffs!

Men’s Health – A half-hour of articles dedicated to the health of men. Includes articles from Men’s Health, and Men’s Journal, among others.
Coming Soon!

Metro Business from the Richmond Times-Dispatch – Reading of the Metro Business section from The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Midnight Music – Just as the title implies: an hour of music at midnight! Airs 7 days a week.

not available on demand

Military History – Veterans of foreign wars or anyone interested in the history of the United States Military will enjoy this half-hour program.
Coming Soon!

Money Matters -One hour of readings from various financial publications, including Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine,, Consumer Reports, and Bloomberg Business Week.

Music News – Music news, reviews and interviews with a focus on musical acts from the 1920s – early 2000s. Music from North America and around the world is featured.

National Geographic – The newest reading from the current edition of National Geographic.

New York Times – One hour of articles from today’s edition of The New York Times, including News, Features, and Editorials.

New York Times Magazine – Readings from this week’s New York Times Magazine.

The New Yorker – One hour of readings from this week’s New Yorker Magazine.

News in Perspective – One hour of commentary from editorial boards and opinion writers from varying national publications on both sides of the political spectrum. 2 parts:

Obituaries – Approximately 15-minutes of the obituaries from the day’s Richmond Times-Dispatch. Obituaries compiled by the news staff are read. If you would like to have any of these read to you over the phone, or in greater detail, please call us at (804) 266-2477.

Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday

Open Source RVA – WRIR’s weekly audio news digest brings together news makers, political figures and community leaders to talk in depth about local issues, current affairs and upcoming events. Award-winning journalist Don Harrison hosts.

Pet Pause – Articles to help you care and appreciate our favorite furry, scaly, and feathered friends. From dogs to cats, gerbils to goldfish, learn about your pets on this informative, half-hour program.

Reader’s Digest – Readings from the most recent Readers Digest. Did you know that Readers Digest is also printed in Braille and Large-Text format? This intergenerational magazine has something to offer for everyone, whether you’re young or young at heart.

Reviews from The Richmond Times-Dispatch – Reviews of books, restaurants, and current events from this week’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Rolling Stone – Articles from the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine are featured.
Coming Soon!

Richmond Living – News about upcoming local events and cultural programs, and information about new restaurants and retail stores. This program pulls from Richmond Magazine, Richmond Home, and other Richmond-based publications.

Richmond Times-Dispatch – Live and recorded readings from the daily edition of The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Each broadcast includes Nation & World, Local News, Opinions, Obituaries, and Letters to the Editor.

Listen to the Weekday RTD
Listen to the Weekend RTD

Saturday Sports – The sports section from Saturday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Science Today – Readings from a variety of specialized magazines such as Discover and Scientific American. Perfect for the scientifically inclined or those who are just curious.

Sci-Fi Shorts – Short stories from your favorite science fiction authors. Short stories from Analog Magazine are featured.
Coming Soon!

Silver Linings – Uplifting short stories and novels are featured.

Smithsonian – Half an hour of readings from the most recent edition of Smithsonian Magazine.

Soap Opera Digest – Your one-stop shop for everything Soap-Opera related. This single source program pulls exclusively from Soap Opera Digest, which includes information on all the most-watched Soaps.

Style Weekly – One hour of readings from this week’s Style Weekly, including the News & Features, Arts & Culture, and Food & Drink sections.

Sunday Ads – Sunday ads from The Richmond Times Dispatch, as well as other circulars as available (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid).

TIME Magazine – An hour of articles from the latest edition of Time magazine, supplemented with articles from special editions.

TV Guide – Readings from the most recent edition of TV Guide.

Uncommon Wonders

Vanity Fair – Readings from the most recent edition of Vanity Fair.

The Washington Post – Readings from the day’s Washington Post.
Coming Soon!

What the Tech? – Information about computer technology, the internet and Social Media, with special reference to applications for vision impairment and other disabilities.

Women’s Health – Your source for news relating to women’s health. A half-hour of readings from Women’s Health Advisor and other publications.
Coming Soon!

Women’s Perspective – Articles that cover topics ranging from politics to family life and everything in between – all from a woman’s perspective.

World Traveler – Discover places you’ve always wanted to visit (and some you didn’t know existed!) on this half-hour program.

Yoga, Motivation, and Inspiration