For many, losing eyesight is an insurmountable challenge. For Liza Bruce, HR Training Specialist at VCU Health, it became a personal challenge leading to fulfillment and social reinvention through Virginia Voice.

Diagnosed with diabetes at age 17, Liza’s vision began to fail and she lost her vision completely at 31. First came denial. But when driving became impossible, she realized the challenges were only beginning. Before long Liza was battling kidney failure as a complication of her disease. This left her trying to heal and survive without vision.

“I was at home, feeling lost and alone. I would keep the TV on, just to know the time of day,” said Liza. Then some relatives gave her a Virginia Voice radio.

Liza at Tactile Tour“At first, I’d turn on the radio and as I heard the news, it reminded me of the control I had lost and I felt even sadder. But you either deal with it or you don’t. I soon realized that every morning there were strangers taking their time to read. There was a commitment on the part of these volunteers to include me in something special. Their voices became a source of information, and a source of comfort.”
Over time Liza came to know Virginia Voice and its people. She joined its Board of Directors and served as Chairperson. Through this experience, Liza was able to reach out to others facing challenges similar to her own. Liza became that comforting voice that had helped her in her time of need.

Now, Liza continues to support Virginia Voice and is an enthusiastic booster of its new Live Audio Description program. “Every day, I realize the kindness of people and the good they do. Virginia Voice exemplifies this and I know people going through their own challenges will one day be our new Virginia Voice champions!”

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