If you like to read, you’ll love reading with Virginia Voice!

Virginia Voice is an audio information service for people with blindness, low vision, or other disability that keeps them from enjoying newspapers, magazines, and other favorite print materials.

Most of our listeners may have lost vision or motor skills due to an age-related condition. Every week, our volunteers give our listeners access to information, enrichment, and community through the gift of their voices. Some of our volunteers have been with us for 20+ years and say they still look forward to reading every week. Others are new, just like you, and still discovering the joy. All adult readers are urged to audition, and most anyone can help in some way. Call us today or apply on our website to schedule your audition!

You can help. Here’s how:
• Be a recorded reader – Read a magazine weekly in our studios or at home
• Be a live reader – Read the RVA Times-Dispatch once a week or every other week
• Deliver special radios or smart speakers – Bring our service to new listeners in your Zip Code or within 40 miles of Richmond
• Support our staff – Help with weekly or occasional admin or outreach projects


Virginia Voice
395 Azalea Ave
Richmond, VA 23227

Virginia Voice is eyes for those who cannot see, hands for those who cannot turn pages.