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Limerick Contest Entries

Our heartfelt thanks to the creative volunteers, listeners and friends who contributed limericks, as well as to those who voted for their favorites. Winners were announced at our Volunteer Recognition – Ice Cream Social on May 7.

Entry #1

Superman’s loaded with might
and Frankenstein gives us a fright
but the Voice fills a need
when our volunteers read
for those who have limited sight.

Entry #2

At the Voice where announcing’s the schtick
what to deliver I may no longer pick
On one fateful day
I got carried away
and read the Comic Soap Opera Geographic

Entry #3

There once was a reader so fair
who heard not what she said on the air.
when she was asked why
she started to cry
and said, “The headsets – they mess up my hair!”

Entry #4

A scarf-wearing lad named Alex
had skills that were, oh, so complex
on the board or on air
no one could compare
to that scarf-wearing lad named Alex

Entry #5

There once was a reader who’d gloat
that the words from his tongue would just float
‘Til one day his tidbits
all sounded like “ribbits”
Seems a frog now lives in his throat!

Entry #6Microphone

The mic isn’t going to pounce
if there’s a word you just can’t pronounce,
Icelandic volcanoes
or palabras pequeños
just try it, ’cause every voice counts.

Entry #7

Ms. Emmett, who works at the Voice
desired to drive a Rolls Royce.
But she soon had to quit,
it was not a good fit,
the car didn’t make enough “noice.”

Entry #8

Becky Emmett, our Program Director,Blagojevich
is a bone-fide faux pas detector.
If it’s hard to pronounce
on that word she will pounce
and post signs, so we’ll say it “correct-er.”

Entry #9

He is quiet and calmly efficient
as a tech, he is highly proficient.
If my broadcast needs tweaking
he knows without my speaking
Sometimes I think Roy is omniscient!

Entry #10

Nick Morgan, debonair station manager
is an avid bird watching fan, we hear.
If you’re missing your bird book
you may find it if you look
for him, eyeing a scarlet tanager!

Entry #11

My eyes may be less than idealnewspapers
and with that there is no appeal
but I still get the news
and I don’t sing the blues
‘cause Virginia Voice reads with such zeal

Entry #12

Our eyes may be weary and weak
and spirits can sometimes be bleak,
but hearing kind voices
and so many choices
makes every day somewhat unique

Entry #13

Never a blessing have I ever had
that keeps me daily from being sad
when the volunteers read
I’m happy indeed
and always, they make me feel glad

Entry #14

I heard about this from a friend
who said my ears I should lend,
so I did not neglect it
I eagerly checked it
and now Virginia Voice is my friend

Entry #15

Too bad we can’t all be good readers
The ones who are best are the leaders
I tried my hand at it
And found I was static
Thank God for Virginia Voice’s good-deeders

Entry #16

I go into the studio each week
providing words for the blind and meek
I sit down at the mike
reading news and the like
I just wish the chair didn’t creak!

Entry #17

The Voice has volunteers fine
who weekly give of their time.
They sit in the booth and read
while trying not to bleed
from reading my terrible rhyme.

Entry #18

‘Twas a woman with a voice of great beauty
who possessed an attitude snooty
but her goodness shone through
while in Studio Two
her reading was love and not duty.

Entry #19

There once was a man who was blind,
with a need for volunteers kind.
‘Til he found Voice readers,
who, along with their leaders,
helped the man leave his darkness behind.

Entry #20

There once was a lady named Pruitt
who told everyone that she could do it;
and to their surprise
She could read without eyes
‘Cuz Virginia Voice was her conduit!

Entry #21

There once was a girl filled with worry
that none would read like sweet Ann Curry
But “the Voice” read on a while
And she soon began to smile
For the voice spoke just like Bill Murray

Entry #22

There once was a girl with a voice
who was searching for a choice
of service for people
to make their lives full
who found the Virginia Voice.

Entry #23

I’m a volunteer for Virginia Voice
Young Adult is my genre of choice
I give listeners a look
at the pages of my book
and the adventures of those girls and boys.

Entry #24

I’ve been asked why I record,
is it a calling from The Lord?
I reply, “surely you jest?”
I think books are the best
and everyone should reap that reward!

Entry #25

Information is there for us all
And that’s why I answered the call
To transform the written word
To a Voice that can be heard
And the darkness will be lifted for all.

Entry #26

Gail feared the audition from Hell
But it really turned out quite swell
She pronounced a few words incorrectly!
But after coaching from Becky, directly,
Gail’s words flowed from Heaven…not Hell.

Entry #27

Clear my voice for TV and OBITS
Raise those bars so it surely transmits
No coughing or choking or I will be stroking
“Va-gin-yah Voice ears” shocking, laughing and joking…
Alas, I’m fired aft complaint mail submits.

Entry #28

One morning a listener named May,
Stood at the desk, blocking my way.
When I spoke she cried clear,
“Tuesday Gail, you are here?
TV and Obits make our day!”

Entry #29

A volunteer reader named Grace
Had a voice of satin and lace,
But one day, while bored,
She swallowed a sword,
And became an instant bass.

Entry #30

There was an ex-reader named Powell,
Who couldn’t pronounce a vowel.
So, for the good of The Voice,
There was no other choice
But for Powell to throw in the towel.

Entry #31
Volunteers make the world go round,
The Virginia Voice smartly found.
So, let’s hip-hip-hooray!
On Volunteer Day,
For those giving the gift of sound.

Entry #32

My Virginia Voice user ID
Oft is met with incredulity.
Tho’ I enter it twice
it seldom acts nice
And drives me close to insanity!

Entry #33

While it’s true that Virginia Voice
Has programming for young girls and boys
Both Becky and Nick
Agree that the trick
Is weaning the boys from their toys.

Entry #34

There once was a place where we all liked to be
It’s Fun! and all of us worked there for free.
The Voice is our home;
From there we won’t roam,
but forget it if they don’t fix the AC!

Entry #35

There was a young girl who read for the voice
and doing so was for sure her choice
but she had trouble reading a rhyme
she stumbled at that every time
so now she reads everything twice.

Entry #36

It’s lovely to hear the news read,
Words streaming right into my head,
From kindly volunteers
Who deserve all three cheers,
While I lie at home in my bed.

Entry #37

Among the media, there’s the Virginia Voice;
for many folks, it is the choice.
They may not be able to see so well
but they can always tell
it’s the people who are Virginia Voice.

Entry #38

Down the hall in a room at the Voice,
a reader gathered her poise.
In spite of the heat,
she did not miss a beat,
reading polar bear stories by choice.