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Kris Spisak

Host Robin Farmer sits down with author Kris Spisak for a history on her unexpected rise to being a published writer. Before getting published, her personal work was being featured on Google’s main page and was starting to be widely used in college classrooms, even. After 6 years of being a college writing instructor, Spisak became a professional writer and editor which led her to the realization that many business professionals of all ages and intersections were making the same grammar mistakes over and over again.

Author Kris Spisak

From this discovery, Spisak independently maintained a grammar blog which eventually led her to an opportunity to make a grammar book for widespread publishing. She also is noted for the development of the game “Grammar-topia” which fosters learning about grammar in a fun, pop-culture based way, which indirectly works an reinforces the forsaken grammar concepts. Tune in below to hear more about Kris Spisak’s journey through writing and about how her phenomenal game can help us learn more effectively. (16 minutes)

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