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Kimberley W. Eley

Author and CEO of KWE Publishing, Kimberley W. Eley

“Some have discovered what they love to do. They enjoy their work and have made a career out of doing what makes them “tick”! After a career shakeup in 2014, Kimberley Eley knew she wanted to make a life change. Along the way, Eley interviewed a man who uses flying monkeys to reach his students, a woman with a spy-like name who creates creative intrigue, an inspiring coach and teacher who defied death, an entrepreneur who travels the country with a toilet suitcase, an animal trainer who crisscrosses the country with her cat circus, a travel agent who sends her customers into the unknown, and many more!

Eley asks the questions many people ask themselves: Why can’t I have fun at work? If you love what you do, will you really never work another day in your life? Are people who are passionate about what they do really different from everyone else? “Tickers” takes the reader on a journey across America, talking with many different people who share one thing in common: They do what they love to do.” Join Host Jennifer Robbins-Riley as she speaks with Richmond Author and Publisher Kimberley W. Eley about her journey to writing “Tickers” and more! (19 minutes)

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