Who Are We

Virginia Voice is a nonprofit organization that provides an audio reading and information service to over 5,000 individuals in Central Virginia and the Hampton Roads area who cannot independently read print material due to vision loss or other disabilities. We broadcast an organized schedule of audio programs around the clock, consisting of articles from current print publications such as newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals and articles from reputable online news and information sources.

Our audio programs are broadcast over subcarrier channels of public radio stations WCVE-FM in Richmond and WHRO-FM in Norfolk. We loan our listeners a pre-tuned radio that only receives our broadcast. Live stream and on-demand listening on our website extends our reach to listeners who live outside of our broadcast area.

We rely on the dedication and commitment of our more than 200 volunteers, who serve as program readers, recording and studio operators and radio deliverers. Almost 100 volunteers contribute their time to create one week’s worth of program material.  As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we are funded by individual and corporate contributions and by grants received from public and private entities.

In addition to our radio reading and information service, we recently launched our Live Audio Description service. The first of its kind in Virginia, our Live Audio Description service provides individuals with visual disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the visual aspects of theater, media and visual art. Using a wireless transmitter, trained describers help  individuals with vision impairments “see” the action on stage as it unfolds in real-time, or “view” the art or media installation.

Our Mission

Virginia Voice advances its mission by connecting individuals with blindness and vision impairment to news, information, arts, and culture through technology and the human voice.  We seek to enhance the viability of our Central Virginia community by serving people with blindness, vision impairment and other disabilities that prevent them from reading or accessing visual elements of publications, events and performances.  Our core competencies enable us to provide a unique, unduplicated service through audio information programs created by caring and talented individuals.  We are able to continue our mission because we are always working to strengthen our relationships with contributing individuals, corporations, service clubs and foundations.

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