Thanks to your calls and letters I have learned so much as your CEO for Virginia Voice over my first 6 months. It’s heartening to learn the value placed on Virginia Voice. A listener recently told me, “from the moment I awake in the morning I find myself listening to Virginia Voice. I listen all day long and it is a constant companion filling my world with news and interesting information. Thank you for this service.”

All Virginia Voice listeners live with a disability. Most are seniors living on a fixed income. Though our listeners contribute as much as they can, the daily costs of transmission, equipment and programming are greater than listener donations alone can sustain.

We are currently in the midst of our winter fundraising campaign and need your support. You may do so by visiting our Individual Giving page or call us at 804-266-2477. No donation is too small as your donation is a vote of support for your Virginia Voice service.

Virginia Voice is eyes for those who cannot see, hands for those who cannot turn pages.
Thank you for your support.

John Felton signature
John Felton
Virginia Voice CEO