“I am all for anything that is going to better equip a person who is physically challenged in any way, to have an opportunity to be able to do what they are able to do which is just about anything.”

~Singer and Songwriter, Stevie Wonder

Virginia Voice is the friend our listeners count on in the dark and Virginia Voice needs you to keep us financially out of the dark.

Virginia Voice provides hundreds of different sources that share news, arts, entertainment, community reports and public affairs content specifically produced and read for the blind and vision impaired community in Greater Richmond. The Virginia Voice 24/7, 365 days a year broadcast would be not be possible without generous donors, and we are excited to expand and offer more content moving forward.

We are also looking forward to re-launching our Live Audio Description (Live AD) program this fall. This program provides an in-person theater experience including a pre-performance tactile tour where patrons are able to meet with the actors, hear their voices, feel the costumes, and so much more. We are in the process of inviting our entire listening audience to live theatrical performances here in just the next few months!

If you are interested in being a vital part of this progress, please feel free to click on the CONTRIBUTE TO VIRGINIA VOICE button at the top of this page to make an online contribution; or you can call us at (804) 266-2477 to make a contribution by phone. You can also mail your contribution to:

Virginia Voice
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Virginia Voice is eyes for those who cannot see, hands for those who cannot turn pages.

Thank you for your support!