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Liza Bruce

Liza Bruce & Cooper“Being able to pick up and read a newspaper, magazine or book is something most of us take for granted.  After losing my eyesight, I experienced firsthand the incredible loss that comes in not being able to read the details of current happenings in our community, state and the world, or interesting articles that provided wonderful details about things of interest to me. 

Thankfully I was introduced to the Virginia Voice, and I learned about this fantastic service that is provided to citizens of Virginia who are blind, vision impaired or have other disabilities that prevent them from reading.  When asked to become a Virginia Voice board member, I readily agreed because I knew from personal experience the gift that this service provides.  And since joining the board, I have learned of so very many people whose lives have also been greatly enriched because of this service.  

Listeners, volunteers and supporters are crucial to the Virginia Voice.  Thank you for your interest in our organization, and we hope you’ll come visit our studio, consider volunteering, consider making a donation, and spread the word about what we do!”

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