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About Us


To connect individuals with disabilities to information, culture and community using technology and the human voice.

Our Commitment to Our Listeners

Virginia Voice strives to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities who require audio access to visual experiences.  Volunteer readers and live theater describers share the gift of their voices so that our listeners will have access to current print material and local performing arts events.  We are focused on keeping individuals connected to the people, places, events and news of Central Virginia and the world beyond.

 How Our Service Works

Our audio reading programs are broadcast over subcarrier channels of public radio stations WCVE-FM in Richmond and WHRO-FM in Norfolk.  We loan our listeners a pre-tuned radio that only receives our broadcast. Live stream and on-demand listening from our website extend our reach to listeners who live outside of the 40-mile broadcast radius of each of the public radio stations.

Our live audio description program offers an alternative way for theater patrons who are blind or have low vision to “see” the stage and experience the performance.  Using wireless technology, audience members needing audio access, listen in real time, in between the dialogue, to vivid and succinct descriptions of the action, characters, costumes, etc.  Pre-show tactile tours are also a part of this assistive offering.

 Our Volunteers

Virginia Voice exists through the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.  More than 200 volunteers serve as program readers, recording studio operators, computer technicians, theater describers and radio deliverers.  A week’s worth of programming requires at least 100 volunteers to lend their time and voices to reading the current print material or describing local live theater.  Our organization has a rotating volunteer board of directors.

 How We Fund Our Service

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Virginia Voice is funded by individual and corporate contributions and by grants received from public and private entities.