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Joy Harris

Working for over a decade to gather insight to the miracles and obstacles of her Grandmother’s life, Joy Harris takes us on a behind-the-scenes journey through the life of the remarkable Maggie Ingram. Harris’ biography about Ingram’s life titled “Singing Ain’t Enough” debuted at number one on Amazon for books, was featured in both Gospel Living and Christian Living magazines, has received high praise from Richmond Magazine and Style Weekly and was even highlighted during the Virginia Folklife Showcase. Maggie Ingram was very well known in the Richmond and surrounding Virginia areas for her female empowerment in the church.

That spread far and wide as inspiration to show other women that God does in fact speak through them musically and a woman’s place is not sitting silent in the pews during service. Her strength and miraculous nature to persevere and achieve success in multiple careers will uplift you, and Joy Harris’ love and admiration for her Grandmother in the writing of this book will inspire and warm your heart. Tune in to hear host Robin Farmer lead you through an enthralling chat with the author. (20 minutes)

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